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Before you spend thousands of dollars on an Energy Audit course, remember... where you take your classes, who teaches you and what you learn does make a difference with how successful you’ll be.

Before you decide to pay thousands on energy audit training, consider spending just a fraction to learn energy efficiency as a first step. By learning the fundamentals of energy, how and where homes and businesses waste energy, you will develop a solid comprehensive foundation that you can build from.

After you have the fundamentals (how energy flows, HVAC systems, heat gain and loss, insulation, water conservation and lots more) then you can take the first step in your career by working as a Level 1 auditor. As a Level 1 auditor, you will be able to educate your clients on energy efficiency in their homes and businesses while earning about $100 per home efficiency audit.

Once you've built a solid network in your area, you will be ready to take the next step in your education and learning with an advanced energy audit certification from either BPI or RESNET. By getting your Level 2 certification and purchasing all your equipment (blower door, thermal imaging camera, etc.) you will be on your way to conducting diagnostic home energy system audits and earning about $450 for each completed audit.

All of the programs we approve have the same basic idea and vision that we do. The path to having your own successful business is only achievable by taking a "step" approach instead of a "jump in" approach.

Here are the steps we recommend you take:

1. Learn the fundamentals of energy efficiency

2. Apply your learning in your own home and find enough energy savings to cover the initial cost of your training

3. Teach others about energy efficiency and ensure that you can earn enough of an income in your area doing audits

4. Get your advanced certifications and buy all the equipment necessary to conduct diagnostic energy audits using the income you've received in your energy efficiency business

EEA Approved Curriculum

When you are making your decision on which course to take, make sure and look for the Energy Efficiency Association logo - our logo ensures you are going to learn from our experts and will get the information you need to succeed.



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Our mission is to reduce wasted energy through our extensive education and certification programs.

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