The Energy Efficiency Association is made up of energy efficiency experts working toward a common goal - reducing wasted energy in homes and businesses across America.

The Energy Efficiency Association operates as the certifying body for several energy efficiency training companies. Each of our certified training providers works directly with the association to create and develop their curriculum. We offer our expertise to each program and ensure that each meets our standards on efficiency and educates using the proven system that we have successfully used in the industry.

Dr. Brad Semp

Dr. Bradley W. Semp creates streamlined, efficient, and more profitable entrepreneurs and businesses through an innovative Design for Action™ approach. Brad and his team have a knack for untangling and optimizing business systems and for helping individuals to design their actions to produce intended results. The strategies and tactics developed and deployed by Brad help entrepreneurs and business leaders to clearly visualize their actions and business processes, optimize them, and then surge those processes to generate a high return on all actions.

Brad holds a PhD Systems Engineering, is a registered Professional Engineer (PE), a Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP), has multiple product patents in the United States, and is a sought after speaker on topics including business process management and systematization, Design for Action™, and workflow based entrepreneurship.

Brad is also the founder of Cashmaps® and Cashmap Systems, LLC that focuses on providing step-by-step solutions for entrepreneurs and businesses. Brad has most recently developed a Cashmap for Energy Auditors and Energy Efficiency professionals that will be showcased exclusively on Energy Audit Institute.

Dr. Brendan Whitman

With over 10 years of experience in architecture and green building design, Dr. Whitman is the driving force behind our new standardization project. Dr. Whitman is also the leading contributor to our home energy auditor training curriculum.

Brad has a unique and specialized approach for finding energy efficiency in hospitality and other commercial facilities. Brad's strong grasp of commercial auditing enabled him to be the leading contributor to our NEWLY ADDED commercial energy curriculum.


  • Architecture
  • Green Home Building
  • Hospitality Industry

Dr. Margo Steinhaur

With over 25 years experience in education and training, Margo lends her talents to developing a true "educational" aspect to online learning. Margo works with all our training partners to ensure our energy efficiency strategies are clearly defined, that the testing process is fair and accurate. In addition, Margo also works with our training partners to develop practice exams, homework assignments, and action-items that give students a hands-on training element in their home-study programs.


  • University Educator
  • Tutoring and Skill Building
  • Child Psychology and Brain Development


Our Latest News

The Energy Efficiency Association is proud to announce our Veteran Scholarship program. We now provide 10 scholarships to veterans every month. This program is available through our partnership with the Energy Audit Institute.
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What we do

Our mission is to reduce wasted energy through our extensive education and certification programs.

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What our client's say

test “The insights we receive from the association members has proven invaluable. All of our recent upgrades and improvements are directly attributable to this great association.

Mack Christian
Energy Audit Institute